Dashboard User Interface


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The data workbench dashboard includes a Sidebar and Toolbar with feature menus and a Dashboard Canvas where you display data visualizations.

Dashboard Canvas

The Dashboard Canvas is the area of the interface used to create and interact with visualizations.

Term Definition
Visualizations Rendered data defined graphically based on a set of configured criteria. Multiple visualizations make up a dashboard.


The left sidebar provides quick access and visibility for defined menus:

Menu Definition
Quick-access Menu A fly-out menu to quickly open dashboards.
Selections Menu Lists any current selections within the dashboard, providing additional details and the ability to remove selections at any time.
Exports Menu Lists any pending or completed exports, providing the ability to retrieve the export when complete.


The top toolbar provides access to these specific menus. It also displays the title of the dashboard currently open.

Menu Definition
Dashboard Menu A drop-down menu for opening, creating, saving, and exporting dashboards.
Add Visualization Menu A drop-down menu for adding visualizations to the dashboard.
Dashboard Title Displays the title of the current dashboard.
Update Menu Clicking the Update indicator will update the current dashboard, taking into account any new selections and/or configuration changes. The menu provides the ability to adjust the Query-to parameter, along with some advanced functions for administrators.
Help Menu This drop-down menu is used to access the User’s Guide, FAQ, and About section of the application.
User Menu A drop-down menu for logging out, accessing account settings, and accessing the administration area (for administrators only).

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