Dashboard Access Controls

Last update: 2022-10-04
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Dashboards can have two levels of visibility: Private and Shared.

  • Private: When a dashboard is set to Private, it is only accessible by the dashboard owner and administrators. Other users of the system cannot see the existence of the dashboard nor open it.

  • Shared: When a dashboard is set to Shared, every user with proper access can see and open the dashboard. For users to have proper access, they must have been granted access to each profile that the dashboard contains. If a user has not been granted access to one or more profiles within a dashboard, they will not see the existence of the dashboard nor be able to open it.

Only the original owner or an administrator may make changes to a dashboard. This includes making changes to the dashboard content, updating the dashboard name, description, visibility, or deleting a dashboard. Other users may make a copy of the dashboard in order to make changes.

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