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Read more about Data Workbench’s End-of-life announcement.

View a list of Data Workbench client user interface actions and shortcut keys.

See also Keyboard Shortcuts.

Actions for the Data Workbench client

Use these actions when performing tasks within the client user interface.

Action Result
Click Selects item
Click + drag Selects range
Ctrl + select Adds to selection
Shift + select Remove from selection
Action Result
Click the Data Workbench logo in the upper left corner of the workspace

Saves your changes

Ctrl + Delete Closes without saving your changes
Action Result
Click + drag Moves graphics
Right-click + drag Rotates graphics
Click both mouse buttons + drag Zooms into graphics
Action Result
Click + drag Add to page hierarchy
Ctrl + Alt + click + drag Add page to a bar graph
Ctrl + Alt + click + drag Add to page table
Action Result
Click Selects an item
Click + drag Selects a range of text
Ctrl + select Adds text to selection
Shift + select Removes text from selection

Keyboard shortcuts for the Data Workbench client

Use these shortcut keys for workspaces and configuration files.

Action Result
Ctrl + N

Opens a new workspace.

If you are limited to creating a single type of blank workspace, then the new workspace will open immediately.

If your have rights to open multiple types of workspaces based on your implementation, then Ctrl + N displays a menu allowing you to choose the type of workspace to be created.

Ctrl + O Imports a workspace
Action Result
Ctrl + X Cuts text
Ctrl + Z Undo action for previously typed characters
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo action for typed characters
Ctrl + A Selects all
Commands Quick Keys Combined menu commands
Full screen view. Workspace fills the screen and refits to the new size. Ctrl plus

Ctrl + (on keypad)


Ctrl Shift + (on keyboard)

  • File > Page Size > Fill Screen

    followed by

  • File > Refit Workspace
Window view. Workspace displays in a standard window view and refits to the new size. Ctrl minus

Ctrl -

  • File > Page Size > Standard

    followed by

  • File > Refit Workspace
Action Result
Ctrl + P Prints a workspace.
Ctrl + W Closes a workspace without saving.
Ctrl + S Saves a workspace.
Ctrl + O Opens a visualization file. It is the same as selecting Add > Open from the workspace menu.
Ctrl + E Open a configuration (by default) or other files. It is the same as selecting Add > Edit from the workspace menu. Select All to open other files.
Commonly-used files menu Click Add > Open from a workspace to open recently opened files (saves the last ten) or files that you “pin” to the new menu. From the menu, you can click the pin icon in the list to save the visualization.
Action Result

Right-click a node and click Paste

Pastes a node into a .cfg file

Right-click the vector and click Paste as child Pastes a vector into a .cfg file at a vector level

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