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Last update: 2022-10-04
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By default, newly created tabs display the subfolders within the associated directory as hierarchical, drop-down subdirectories instead of as subtabs.

You can display subfolders as subtabs (as shown in the following example) by placing an empty folder.useTabs file in the working profile name\Workspaces*tab name folder* within the Data Workbench installation directory.

The following example shows the Custom tab with drop-down subdirectories.

If you place an empty folder.useTabs file in the Workspaces\Custom folder, all of the subfolders within the Custom folder display in the Worktop as subtabs, as shown in the following example:

To display subfolders as subtabs in the Worktop


Each directory level must have a Tab Name.useTabs file for the contents of the subfolder to appear as subtabs instead of hierarchical, drop-down subdirectories.

  1. In the Profile Manager, click Workspaces to view its contents.
  2. In the working profile name column, right-click the check mark for one of the folder.useTabs files and click Copy.
  3. Right-click in the User column for the Workspaces*tab name* folder and click Paste. The subfolders within that tab now display as subtabs.
  4. (Optional) To make this change available to all users of the working profile, right-click the white check mark for the new folder.useTabs file in the User column and click Save to > < working profile name>.

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