Configure a locked workspace

Last update: 2022-10-04
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Read more about Data Workbench’s End-of-life announcement.

Data Workbench can be configured to allow only certain users to change certain workspaces.

While a workspace is locked, users can make selections in most visualizations and sort the data in tables but cannot otherwise change the workspace. This functionality prevents users from making unintentional changes to the workspaces.

The following three elements work together to control the locking of workspaces:

  • A folder.lock or workspace name.lock file: A folder.lock file specifies whether the workspaces in a particular folder are locked, while a workspace name.lock file specifies whether a particular workspace is locked.

  • The Unlock parameter in a user’s Insight.cfg file: This parameter specifies whether that user can temporarily unlock locked workspaces.

  • The Temporarily Unlock menu option: When the Unlock parameter in the user’s Insight.cfg is set to true, this option appears automatically in the title bar menu of each locked workspace to provide a way for the user to unlock it.

For information about folder.lock and workspace name.lock files, see the following section. For information about setting the Unlock parameter, see Setting the Unlock Parameter. For information about the Temporarily Unlock menu option, see Unlocking a Workspace.

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