Configure open functionality


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Open functionality enables you to open such items as documents or URIs in such external applications as a text editor or a web browser.

Open functionality is currently configured only in the Site application and only for opening URIs. This section provides information about configuring Open URI functionality for Site. For information about configuring Open functionality for another application or to open other items, contact Adobe Consulting Services.

In Site, you can right-click a URI from a page overlay or table to display the URI in the application for which it was formatted. For example, from a URI table visualization, you can click a URI to display a web page in a web browser.

To open a URI from a visualization, you first must edit the Open URI.cfg file for the URI dimension to identify the location and naming conventions that Data Workbench uses to open the URI. To view a URI in its native format (such as HTML), Data Workbench must have access to the referenced location and the application needed to open that item. For example, to view a web page, Data Workbench would need access to the Internet as well as have a web browser installed.

To edit Open URI.vw

  1. In the Profile Manager, click Context > Dimension Element > URI.
  2. In the URI folder, right-click the check mark next to the Open URI.vwfile and click Make Local. A check mark for this file appears in the User column.
  3. Right-click the newly created check mark and click Open > in Insight if the file is a .cfg file or Open > in Notepad if it is a .vw file.
  4. Click Command, then Parameters to view the contents of the file.
  5. Modify the Site parameter and the Template parameter as necessary:
For this parameter... Provide this information...


The location of the URIs that you want to open.



The parameters that Data Workbench should use to locate and open the URIs.

Example: https://%Site%%URI%

The default template shown in the example tells Data Workbench to open a web browser, look for the location defined in the Site parameter, then locate the URI dimension element you are attempting to open.

  1. Save the file.
  2. To make this change available to all users of the working profile, right-click the check mark for the .vw file in the User column and click Save to > working profile name.

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