Regular expressions


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Data workbench utilizes regular expressions (regex) for search and sort operations.

Within the Search field you can perform a search following the “re:” statement using common expressions, for example:

<b>re: *.s</b>
metacharacter description

. (dot)

Matches a single character, for example: re:x.z matches "xyz" or "xxz".

* (star)

Matches one or more characters, for example: re:Z* matches "ZZZ".

? (wildcard)

Matches 0 or 1 of previous expression to force minimal matching, for example: xy?z matches "xy" and "xyz".

Additional common regular expressions can also be used to create more complex search strings. Regular expressions are used across all Data Workbench search fields including the query entity panels.

See in-depth information at regular expressions.

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