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Export Data Workbench data to Adobe Target using TargetBulkUpload.exe from the Detail Table.

Data Workbench lets you export files to integrate with Adobe Target as part of an integrated Adobe Experience Cloud.

The TargetBulkUpload file is found in the Server\Scripts folder in the server installation files. The executable has retry logic, as well as additional logic to optimize performance.

You can modify the TargetBulkUpload.cfg file and move it to Server/Admin/Export folder before running the upload script. For example, you can set a Max Timeout Interval to 720 minutes (default) to timeout the upload after the specified period.

How it works

After the data gets successfully sent to Target, the status of the upload is continuously monitored. If the upload succeeds, a success message is logged. If the upload fails or is pending, the monitoring continues. You can configure the timeout interval in the TargetBulkUpload.cfg file. If the upload gets stuck at Target, a message is logged and the status can still be monitored.

There are two log files generated in the trace for the triggered export under /server/Trace/:

  • targetbulkuploadexportname.log
  • targetbulkuploadexportname.log.completed

The targetbulkuploadexportname.log file has the detailed status for all the records of multiple batches, the edge server they are going to, and the status (successful, failed, profile not found, status unknown, and stuck). In case any batch is found to be stuck, the batch is not processed any further. A stuck batch URL is available to track the status. See the following example data from the targetbulkuploadexportname.log.completed file:

1205057 total rows
568740 successful
62 failed
28964 profile not found
112169 unknown status
492339 stuck status

The stuck status value is incremented with the total stuck batch size regardless of how many uploads are successful or failed. The total rows value is also incremented by the same number of stuck batch size.


Previously, DWB data was exported using the ExportIntegration.exe. Currently only the MMP, CRS, and S/FTP exports are used with this executable. Adobe Target integration now uses the TargetBulkUpload.exe in Data Workbench.

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