Segment Export with Custom Headers


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Create custom column export headers for your segment export files to add easily understood descriptions for exported segments. This export feature also lets you output as TSV and CSV files.

New functionality has been added to Segment Export, including the ability to export with a header, or in CSV and TSV formats.

You can create column headers for your export files.

Creating a New Segment Export

  1. Open a workspace and right-click Tools > Detail Table.

  2. Right-click and select Add Level > Extended > Choose an item.

  3. Right-click title and select Add Attribute. Select a dimension from the menu.

  4. Right-click title and select Add Metric. Select a metric from the menu.

  5. Right-click title and select New Segment Export.

    New Segment Export with Header automatically populates the Column Name with the name of the metric. New Segment Export requires you to set a custom name.


    The Column Name field cannot be left empty or the header will not be present.

  6. Right-click and name the segment and then click Save Export File.

    An export window will open.

  7. Right-click the export name and click Save as <export filename>.

  8. Right-click Admin > Profile Manager > Expand Export. Find the export file you just created and save it to an existing profile.

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