Display workspaces

A workspace is a container for a particular analysis and visualization task.

A workspace can contain multiple visualizations, all of which operate against a common set of data (that is, all visualizations in the workspace render the same set of query results). When you perform a filtering operation in one visualization, the selected subset is reflected throughout the entire workspace.

Below is an example of several workspace thumbnails on the Worktop.


Because your implementation of Data Workbench can be fully customized (that is, because the tabs, workspaces, and menu items that appear in your implementation might differ from what is documented in this guide), it is important to note that by right-clicking almost anywhere, you can view a list of options related to the workspace or visualization in which you are working.

You analyze your data by combining different types of visualizations in a workspace. Powerful queries are created by making selections from the data displayed in those visualizations, the results of which are presented visually within the workspace across all visualizations. You use workspaces to control the scope of each query: every selection made within a visualization changes the current query and affects the queries in other visualizations in the workspace. See Making Selections in Visualizations.


After opening up a new workspace, you may need to click Add > Temporarily Unlock to unlock the screen.

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