Deploying the Attribution Profile


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The Attribution profile is an inherited, ready-to-drop-in profile. In combination with the Adobe SC profile and Analytics (SC/Insight) data feed, the profile can be deployed to quickly expose new attribution models across digital channels.

After saving the Attribution profile to the primary server, there are two additional steps necessary to integrate it into the current profile within the Profile directory: (1) Set up the Profile.cfg file, and (2) Declare the Required Fields.

Setting up Profile.cfg file

Like all profiles, the Attribution profile needs to be added to the profile.cfg file. Because the Attribution profile depends on the Adobe SC profile, the Adobe SC profile needs to be listed first in the configuration file before the Attribution profile.


These steps will require a re-transformation of the dataset.

  1. Open the profile.cfg file in your custom profile folder. (Open in server\Profiles(custom profile name)\profile.cfg.

  2. If the Attribution profile is not listed in the configuration file, add it to the list.

  3. Make sure the Attribution string is listed below the Adobe SC profile string.

  4. Save the updated profile.cfg file and then save it to server from the Profile Manager.

Declaring the Required Fields

The Attribution profile takes predefined fields and with a series of transformations exposes those fields in new and useful ways through extended dimensions. To provide the most immediate value the Attribution profile depends on fields available with the Adobe SC profile.

Default Variables Field Name and Decoder Position (Adobe SC)

x-campaign, #199

Marketing Channels

x-va_closer_detail, #162

x-va_instance_event, #163

Order event

x-order, #206

x-purchaseid, #200

Revenue x-revenue, #205

x-units, #204

  1. Verify that these fields are declared in the Decoder Group used to define the Adobe Analytics data source. The default decoder group is provided under Dataset\Log Procesing\Decoding Instructions.cfg.
  2. Verify that these fields are declared in the Fields section of the SC Fields.cfg file. This file can be located under Dataset\Log Processing\SC Fields.cfg.

Attribution Additions and Troubleshooting

The Attribution profile added a configuration file, 0a_Marketing Channels.cfg, which copies the value of the x-va_closer_detail into a new field called x-marketing-channel, when the x-va_instance_event field matches “1”. Both x-va_closer_detail and x-va_instant_event are decoded by default, and passed from decoding in the installed packages available when you update to version 6.2.

The x-marketing-channel field is then used in the Simple dimension called Marketing Channel.


If you have altered your profiles by removing previously unused fields that are now being used, you will want to verify that the x-va_closer_detail and x-va_instance_event fields are being decoded and passed through for use.

If fields are missing, then you will get a message in your detailed status:

<b>x-va_closer_detail</b> is not available


<b>x-va_instance_event</b> is not available

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