Adding a Path Browser


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From the Funnel visualization, you can open a Path Browser to identify additional detailed visitor fallout and fall through paths.

You can identify where visitors “fallout” (who left the path) or where visitors are “falling-through” (who followed the path). You can open multiple Path Browsers from the same Funnel visualization by selecting fallout arrows or fall through cones.

  1. Open the Path Browser for the fall out visitor, the visitors who left the site during a specific step. Right-click the fallout arrow and select the Add Path Browser option.

    From the Path Browser, you can see where visitors went before hitting a selected element in the Funnel (on the left), and where they navigated to after leaving the page (on the right).

    In the Path Browser visualization, the width of the lines going in and out of the selected dimension identifies the volume of traffic. For example, before hitting the Men’s page, a few visitors came in through other routes, but most came in through the Home page. When leaving, most went to the Men Surfing page.

  2. Open the Path Browser for the “fall-through” visitors. Right-click the cone in the funnel to identify the path for visitors who fell through, or moved to the next step, of the funnel.

  3. Click the More button at the bottom of the Path Browser visualization to open a table with all visits listed in a tabular view for the previous and current visits.

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