Dynamic title annotations


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Using Report, you can generate reports dynamically for the dimension elements that you specify in a lookup file or for a particular number of the dimension elements, such as for the users with the 10 highest order counts.

Using a dynamic title annotation, you can display a title in a dynamic report that identifies either the dimension element name currently being processed by Report or the dimension element name that you have selected to view. Dynamic title annotations enable you to identify which element’s data you are viewing on the report without altering any of the other visualizations or accidentally sorting a selection by a particular element.


This functionality is available only when you have licensed Report. For more information about Report, see the Data Workbench Report Guide.

For more information about dynamically generating reports, see the Insight Report Guide.

To set up a dynamic title annotation

  • Right-click within the dynamic title annotation and click Change Dimension > < dimension name>.

  • To view the information for one particular element, click Change Element and click the desired element to preview the report for that particular element.

    Exporting to Microsoft Excel

    For information about exporting windows, see Exporting Window Data.

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