Remote desktop option


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The Remote Desktop option enables administrators to access the Data Workbench server or Report computers directly from Data Workbench using the computer’s IP address.

Just as with other remote desktop functionality outside of Adobe products, your Data Workbench must have network access to the computer that you want to access remotely. This requires that the remote desktop port on the Data Workbench server (port 3389 by default) be open and listening for connections.

For more information about Data Workbench server, see the Server Products Installation and Administration Guide. For more information about Report, see the Data Workbench Report Guide.

To open a remote desktop

  1. In the Servers Manager, right-click the node of the Data Workbench server or Report computer that you want to access remotely and click Remote Desktop.
  2. When the log on window for the computer appears, type your user name and password, then click OK. The desktop displays and you now can navigate the computer.

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