Workspaces and visualizations

Last update: 2022-10-04
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Conceptual information about workspaces and visualizations.

The following figure shows a dependency map whose nodes represent the workspaces, reports, menu options, and globe layers defined in the profile. This option works only if the Query Model display option is enabled.


If the Query Model display option is not enabled when you choose the Workspaces and Visualizations display option, an error message appears.

  • A gray node represents a workspace or a report.
  • A yellow-green node represents a menu option.
  • A red node represents a workspace, report, menu option, or globe layer with a broken or circular dependency or other error.

Because the dependency map is designed to accommodate acyclic dependencies, nodes involved in circular dependencies may not display properly on the map. You can search for circular dependencies by typing “circular dependency” in the Search text box. For more information about the Search feature, see Searching Within a Map.

For descriptions of other nodes on the map, see Query Model Components.

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