Adding a User Account


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  1. Click Add User to bring up the New User prompt.

  2. Fill in the necessary fields to complete the form.

    1. Username: Enter the user name.

    2. Password: Enter a password more than 6 characters long.

    3. Confirm Password: Reenter the password.

    4. Authentication Method: select an option from the drop-down list.

      Forms By default, the dashboard stores the user account and authenticate internally.
      LDAP Select this option if the user is to be authenticated via LDAP. (The user must already exist in the directory).
      Windows Select if the user is to be authenticated using Windows authentication (the user must already exist in the Windows directory).
  3. Assigned Groups: Choose from the default Administrators group and any other groups that have been created. No groups are required at this time and the user’s group membership can be modified at any time.

  4. Once the form has been configured appropriately, click Add User to add the user to the system.

    If the operation was successful, you will see a prompt indicating that the user was created.

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