Optional - Upload the data file via FTP

Last update: 2022-09-23
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If you do not upload using drag-and-drop, you can upload Customer Attribute data via FTP to the Experience Cloud.

You can upload the data after you create a Customer Attribute source and an FTP account in the Experience Cloud. You create one FTP account per attribute source. The uploaded files are stored in the root folder of that account. The data must be in .csv format, with a second .fin file to indicate that the upload is complete.


File uploads to the Customer Attributes FTP site can be done via FTP or SFTP:

  • You need a client that supports SFTP connections.
  • You can connect with SFTP using either username/password or using no password, as described here.

To upload the data file via FTP

  1. Create a Customer Attribute source and upload the data file….

    Ensure that you are logged in to your FTP site at ftp.adobe.com/<sftpname>.

  2. Select Actions > File Upload.

  3. Upload a .fin file, so that your file can be retrieved.

    The file type .fin is user-created and signals that the upload is finished. It can be a blank notepad file. For example, if you upload crs123.csv, you also upload crs123.fin.

    If the upload is successful, both files are moved to a folder called processed.

    See Data file requirements for uploading Customer Attributes for important information about file names and structure.

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