Generate a CSR

Generate the CSR

To generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR), follow these steps:

  1. In the Subdomains & Certificates card, select the desired instance, then click the Manage Certificate button.

  2. Select 1 - Generate a CSR, then click Next to launch the wizard that will guide you through the CSR generation process.

  3. A form displays, with all the details required to generate your CSR.

    Make sure you fill in the requested information fully and accurately, otherwise the certificate may not be renewed (contact your internal team, Security and IT teams if necessary), then click Next.

    • Organization: official organization name.
    • Organization Unit: unit linked to the subdomain (example: Marketing, IT).
    • Instance (pre-filled): URL of the Campaign instance associated to the subdomain.
    • Common name: the common name is selected by default, you can select one of the subdomains if necessary.

  4. Select the subdomains to include into the CSR, then click OK.

  5. The selected subdomains display in the list. For each of them, select the subdomains to include, then click Next.

  6. A summary of the subdomains to include in the CSR displays. Click Submit to confirm your request.


    The Copy CSR content button allows you to copy all information related to the CSR (Org ID, instance, organization name, common name, included subdomains etc.)

  7. The .csr file corresponding to your selection is automatically generated and downloaded. You can now use it to purchase the SSL certificate from the Certificate Authority that your company approves. If you need to download CSR again, follow the steps detailed in this section.

Once your CSR has been generated and downloaded, you can use it to purchase an SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority approved by your organization.

After the SSL certificate has been purchased, you will be able to install it on your instance to secure your subdomain. Learn more

Download the CSR

In order to purchase an SSL certificate, you first need to download the Certificate Signing Request. CSR is automatically downloaded after it has been generated. You can also download it again at any time from the Job Logs:

  1. In the Job Logs, select the Finished tab, then filter the list in order to display jobs related to subdomains management.

  2. Open the job corresponding to the generation of the CSR, then click the Downbload link to get the .csr file.

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