Key features

The Control Panel helps you increase efficiency in your work as a product admin of Adobe Campaign Standard and/or Classic, by allowing you to manage settings and track usages for each of your instances. Its intuitive interface lets you easily monitor usage of key assets, as well as perform administrative tasks such as IP addresses allow list addition, SFTP storage monitoring, key management, and more.

Key benefits:

  • Quickly make changes to settings by yourself without reaching out to Customer Care.
  • Configure settings based on your different business needs at different times.
  • Enhance security by controlling access settings on a need-by-need basis.

Control Panel is restricted to Admin users. The steps to grant Admin access to a user are detailed in this section.

For Campaign v7/v8, note that your instance must be hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and upgraded to the latest Campaign stable build or to build 9032 or higher. Learn how to check your version in this section. To check if your instance is hosted on AWS, follow the steps detailed in this page.

conditions Learn more on the Control Panel and how to access it. conditions Learn how to manage your SFTP servers. conditions Learn how to monitor your subdomains and their certificates. conditions
Learn how to manage your instances settings (Campaign v7/v8 only).
Learn how to monitor the utilization of key resources on your instances.

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