Best practices for Redis service configuration

  • For Adobe Commerce 2.3.3 and later deployed on cloud infrastructure, upgrade to Redis version 5.0.
  • For Adobe Commerce version 2.3.5 or higher, use the extended Redis cache implementation. This implementation includes the following optimizations to minimize the number of Redis queries that are performed on each request from Adobe Commerce:
    • Diminish the size of network data transfers between Redis and Adobe Commerce
    • Lower Redis consumption of CPU cycles by improving the adapter’s ability to automatically determine what needs to be loaded
    • Reduce race conditions on Redis write operations

Affected products and versions

Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure with version 2.3.3 or later.
Adobe Commerce (all deployment methods), version 2.3.5 and later

Update Redis version for cloud deployments

For Adobe Commerce deployments on cloud infrastructure with Adobe Commerce 2.3.3 or later, upgrade the Redis service to Redis version 5.0. For instructions, see the following topics in the Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure documentation:

Configure the extended Redis cache implementation

For Adobe Commerce 2.3.5 and higher, update your configuration to use the extended Redis cache implementation \Magento\Framework\Cache\Backend\Redis.

Configuration for cloud deployments

With ece-tools 2002.1.1 or higher, configure enhanced Redis cache by setting the REDIS_BACKEND deployment variable in the environment configuration file, .magento.env.yaml

    REDIS_BACKEND: '\Magento\Framework\Cache\Backend\Redis'

For details, see Deploy variables > REDIS_BACKEND in the documentation for Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure.


Check the ece-tools version installed in your local Cloud environment from the command line using the composer show magento/ece-tools command. If necessary, update the ece-tools version.


Do not configure a Redis slave connection for cloud infrastructure projects with a scaled architecture. This causes Redis connection errors. See the Redis configuration guidance in the Commerce on Cloud Infrastructure guide.

Configuration for on-premises deployments

For Adobe Commerce on-premises deployments, configure the new Redis cache implementation using the bin/magento:setup commands. For instructions, see Use Redis for default cache.

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