Update the ECE-Tools package

An update to the ece-tools package also updates the other Cloud Tools Suite for Commerce packages, which are dependencies for ece-tools. Therefore, you must use a version of Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure that supports the ece-tools package.

If you use a version of Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure that does not contain the ece-tools package, then you must perform a one-time upgrade to your cloud project to remove deprecated packages. If you currently use the ece-tools package and you need to update it, see Update the ECE-Tools package.


Before beginning an upgrade or a patching process, create an active branch from the Integration environment and check out the new branch to your local workstation. Dedicating a branch to the upgrade or the patch process helps to avoid interference with your work in progress.

To update the ece-tools package:

  1. On your local workstation, perform an update using Composer.

    code language-bash
    composer update magento/ece-tools --with-dependencies
    note note
    If you cannot update beyond ece-tools version 2002.0.8, see Upgrade project to use ECE-Tools package.
  2. Add, commit, and push code changes.

    code language-bash
    git add -A
    code language-bash
    git commit -m "Update magento/ece-tools"
    code language-bash
    git push origin <branch-name>
  3. After test validation, merge this branch to the integration branch.