Check-In Experience Setup

Last update: 2023-07-21
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When customers arrive for curbside pickup, they use the Pickup Order form to check in and provide information about their location, car make, and car model. This information is sent to Store Associates through the Store Assist app so they can quickly deliver curbside pickup orders.

Check-In Experience Car Make and Model settings for curbside pickup


You configure the Pickup Order form interface from the Store Configuration menu. For example, you can specify which input fields to display and whether they are required or optional.

Configure car make and color selections

Admin users can manage the car make and model selections available on the Pickup Form from the Adobe Commerce systems settings:

  • System > Check In > Car Makes
  • System > Check In > Car Colors

Check-In Experience system configuration for curbside pickup

The default configuration includes an extensive list of common car makes and colors for the US market. Commerce Admin users can manage the configuration to add or edit the available options.

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