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Last update: 2023-10-18
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Live Search for Adobe Commerce delivers a fast, relevant, and intuitive search experience at no additional cost. Live Search powered by Adobe Sensei uses artificial intelligence and machine-learning algorithms to perform a deep analysis of aggregated visitor data. This data, when combined with your Adobe Commerce catalog, results in a relevant and personalized shopping experiences.

Live Search has three areas for administrators:

  • Storefront: Use CSS styling to customize the storefront popover.
  • Admin: Use this area to access the configuration and setup.
  • Command-line interface: Use this tool to execute installation and backend configuration tasks.

Additional documentation

Guide Description
Adobe Commerce 2.4 User Guide Merchant-focused documentation for both Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source
Adobe Commerce 2.4 Developer Guide Developer-focused documentation used to build and customize Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source


If you need information or have questions that are not covered in this guide, use the following resources:

Knowledge Base - See the Live Search-related troubleshooting articles.
Support tickets - Submit a ticket to receive additional help.

Before submitting a support ticket, run the following from the command line to check the version of Live Search that is currently installed:

composer show magento/module-live-search | grep version

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