Catalog Service Guide Overview

This guide is intended for administrators of Adobe Commerce. It includes general information about Catalog Service, including onboarding and installation. It assumes a basic understanding of the core Commerce configuration and functionality.

Catalog Service has two types of users:

  • Adobe Commerce system administrators install and maintain the service. Catalog Service does not have an Admin UI or features for standard Admin users.

  • Integrators build GraphQL queries and integrate them on a storefront that uses a frontend client.

Additional documentation

Guide Description
Adobe Commerce 2.4 User Guide Merchant-focused documentation for both Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source
Adobe Commerce 2.4 Developer Guide Developer-focused documentation used to build and customize Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source

Get help

The onboarding process is designed to guide you through the required steps for setting up and enabling the Catalog Service functionality. Contact the Adobe Commerce engineering team in the #storefront-services public Slack channel for assistance.

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