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Have you ever wanted to study how different subsets of your users behave over time? For example, ever wondered if users who register during a promo period have a higher average lifetime revenue than users who don’t? If the answer is Yes, then the Cohort Report Builder is the perfect tool for you. Commerce Intelligence is optimized to perform this analysis and make it relevant to your business.

In this video:

  • What cohort analysis is
  • Why it’s important
  • How to build your own cohort analysis

If you are new to Commerce Intelligence, the Adobe Commerce Intelligence User Guide provides a full overview for driving better business insights and results through data aggregation, analysis, and visualization.

Who is this video for?

  • Business users
  • Data analysts

Video content


Hi, I’m Anna Edwards. One of the reasons merchants choose Magento Business Intelligence is that it provides them with world-class data analytics capabilities without the need to hire a team of business analysts. Let’s take a look at the Cohort Report Builder. The Cohort Report Builder is a great way to track if your customer loyalty varies depending on when they made their first purchase. In this example, we’ve grouped all customers by the month that each customer placed their first order. So here, by choosing the Revenue metric and Cumulative Average Value Per Cohort Member perspective, we can see each cohort month’s average lifetime revenue growth over time. So what we can see in this example is that customers who made their first purchase in August and September are clearly outperforming customers who made their first purchase in May. The Cohort Report Builder, along with other features within our platform, allow you to learn more about your customers and grow your business. Thanks for watching. -

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