Get started with API Mesh

If you’re new to API Mesh for Adobe Developer App Builder, Adobe recommends starting with this introductory tutorial, before progressing to the other videos and tutorials.

What is API Mesh

API Mesh combines multiple sources of data to get a single response for your application to consume.

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Who is this video for?

  • Developers new to API Mesh or Adobe Commerce with limited experience using Adobe I/O Runtime and API Mesh.

Video content

  • Overview to API Mesh
  • Links to supplimental documentation
  • Use case for doing real time inventory check at checkout
  • Moving development efforts and resource usage away from your commerce application

Example use cases

Your Commerce application has a REST API and a GraphQL endpoint. For example, you could use the REST API to apply special pricing or the GraphQL endpoint to handle inventory status. Using API Mesh, you can define both endpoints, retrieve the information, and return it to the requesting application as one response.

What is a reverse proxy

As a developer using Adobe App Builder and API Mesh, it is not necessary to understand what a reverse proxy is. However, if you are interested in the overall functionality as it pertains to Adobe App Builder, use the following resources:

Useful API Mesh resources

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