SendGrid limitation for Adobe Commerce Cloud

Last update: 2024-01-24
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This article provides some workarounds to the SendGrid limitation for Adobe Commerce on Cloud infrastructure.

Affected products and versions


You attempt to send large attachments in emails and see these log errors:

In /var/log/mail.log

Month Date Time i-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx postfix/sendmail[21408]: fatal: message file too big
Month Date Time i-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx postfix/sendmail[26434]: fatal: message file too big

In /var/log/exception.log








SendGrid has a system limitation of 30Mb size for email. It is recommended that you do not use attachments that exceeds 10Mb. See Sending Attachments in SendGrid documentation for more infomation.


  • Do not use attachments higher than 6Mb or 10Mb.
  • Consider the use of a remote SMTP server on your Adobe Commerce instance. For steps, refer to Configure email communications in our Admin Systems Guide.
  • Reconfigure your server so that files can be saved within your module, and then attach the link to the files in the emails.

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