Deployment failed: unable to apply MDVA-43395 patch

Last update: 2023-07-27
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This article provides a solution for the issue, where trying to apply the MDVA-43395 patch results in failed deployment.

Affected products and versions

  • Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure (all versions)


You are not able to apply the MDVA-43395 patch.


Cloud merchants do not need to apply the MDVA-43395 patch separately if they have magento/magento-cloud-patches 1.0.16 installed, which already includes the patch.


To resolve the issue, remove the MDVA-43395 and MDVA-43443 patches from the m2-hotfixes directory and redeploy.

If you were able to apply the MDVA-43443 patch via the m2-hotfixes directory, you would still need to remove it as mentioned above. Future versions of Adobe Commerce will have these patches already contained in them, so it could cause the deployment to fail if you were to upgrade later.

To verify if the patch has been applied, run the vendor/bin/magento-patches -n status |grep 43443 command.
If it shows multiple results like this, then you should remove the MDVA-43443 patch from the m2-hotfixes folder:

$ vendor/bin/magento-patches -n status |grep 43443
║ MDVA-43443              │ Parser token new fix                                         │ Other           │ Adobe Commerce Support │ Applied     │ Patch type: Required                                     ║
║ N/A                     │ ../m2-hotfixes/MDVA-43443_EE_2.4.2-p2_COMPOSER_v1.patch      │ Other           │ Local                  │ Applied     │ Patch type: Custom                                       ║

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