Deployment errors where patches not found

Last update: 2024-01-18

This article provides a solution to the issue when upgrading your instance the deployment fails and you see an error in the deployment logs: Next patches weren’t found: MDVA-XXXXX, ACSD-XXXXX. Please, check with “status” command availability of these patches for the current Magento version.

Affected products and versions


You are experiencing an error when upgrading Adobe Commerce: Next patches weren’t found.


Previously applied patches for your older version(s) are not applicable or no longer available for your new version.


  1. Check your .magento.env.yaml file under the QUALITY_PATCHES section, e.g.,

  2. Look up the patch IDs in the Quality Patches Release Notes to check whether each one can be applied to the new version of Adobe Commerce you are upgrading to.

  3. If the patch does not apply to the new version of Adobe Commerce you want to upgrade to, remove the patch ID from the .magento.env.yaml file.

  4. Once you have reviewed all the patch IDs indicated by the error, push the changes and redeploy.

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