Overview: Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.1.38

Last update: 2023-10-02
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This sub-section provides a detailed description of the issues fixed by the patches available in Quality Patches Tool (QPT) v1.1.38.

QPT v1.1.38 includes the following patches:

  1. ACSD-53098: Fixes the issue where products assigned to a shared catalog are not reflected on the front end when a partial index is executed.
  2. ACSD-54018: Fixes a performance issue with the Catalog widget’s product list.
  3. ACSD-54111: Fixes the issue where the production product thumbnail image is not displaying on the product grid in the admin.
  4. ACSD-47669: Fixes the issue where there is an internal server error when importing products with customizable options.
  5. ACSD-53347: Fixes the issue where price indexing performance gradually degrades over time.
  6. ACSD-52287: Fixes the issue where the status of archived orders does not change from completed to closed on the grid after the credit memo is submitted.
  7. ACSD-52929: Fixes the issue of redundant requests to reindex default source items when the inventory indexer is configured in async mode.
  8. ACSD-53824: Fixes the issue where the deployment is failing on the setup upgrade.

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