What is the new Cloud Console?

Last update: 2023-10-27
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Adobe Commerce on Cloud infrastructure has a new look in beta that you can enable and test. This new Cloud Console provides a more modern, user-friendly experience and lays the foundation for future interface enhancements.

Cloud Console

The new or improved features include:

  • Clear overview of project and environment characteristics
  • Activity stream with sortable history
  • Manual backup management and history for Starter projects
  • Enhanced log views
  • Sortable lists
  • Simple forms and guidance to add integrations
  • Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) compliance

To enable or disable Cloud Console:

  1. Open the original Project Web Interface.

  2. On the Account Settings tab, select Console (New UI) Beta Opt-in to enable default Cloud Console access for your user account.

    Console opt-in beta

  3. Click Save.

  4. Open the new Cloud Console.

  5. To disable default Cloud Console access, return to your account settings in the original Project Web Interface and deselect Console (New UI) Beta Opt-in.

Feature questions

Where can I find the Snapshots feature?

For Starter projects, the Snapshots feature is now called Backups. You can create a manual backup of your Starter environment from the Cloud Console or create a snapshot from the Cloud CLI. You must have an Admin role for the environment.

Select an environment from the project navigation bar. The environment must be active. Select the Backups tab. Currently, this option is not available for Pro environments.

Where is the list of configured routes for the environment?

You can find the list of configured routes on the Services tab for an environment.

Select an environment from the project navigation bar. Select the Services tab. The Router overview displays the configured routes. Currently, you cannot add a route from the new Cloud Console.

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