Activity stream

The main view for each environment displays an Activity list of historical events similar to a Git log. The Activity list is a stream of the recent events for active environments. The following is a list of the activity types and their icons that display in the Activity stream:

Activity types {align="center" width="500"}

View logs

In the Activity list, click the status icon of an activity to view the log. Alternatively, click the More {width="32"} (more) menu to access more options for managing the activity. The following shows a short log creating a backup. You can use the Cloud CLI to view the same log.

Log view

Manage an activity

Some activities are in a running or pending status. You can act on a running activity, such as canceling a running deployment. The following tabs show two methods of canceling an activity: the Cloud Console or the Cloud CLI.


To cancel an activity in the Cloud Console:

You can act on a running activity by accessing the More {width="32"} (more) menu and selecting an action, such as Cancel or View log. For this example, select the Cancel option to stop the running activity.

Not all activities have the cancelation option. For example, the option to cancel the application deployment appears only during the build phase. Once the application has moved into the deploy phase, you can no longer cancel the activity. See Deployment process about the different phases.

Cancel activity {align="center" width="450"}

If you have a terminal running the deployment activity, canceling in the Cloud Console results in the cancellation in the terminal:

Activity cancelled in terminal {width="300"}


To cancel an activity in the Cloud CLI:

  1. Identify the running activities and select an activity ID.

    code language-bash
    magento-cloud activity:list --state=in_progress
  2. Cancel the activity using the activity ID:

    code language-bash
    magento-cloud activity:cancel wvl5wm7s5vkhy

Filter activity stream

The ability to filter the activity list is useful when you are looking for something specific, such as a backup or a merge event.

To filter the activity list in the Cloud Console:

  1. Select an environment and choose the Activity All view to include the full event history.

  2. Click Filter by {width="32"} and select the Filter by options:

    Filter activities

  3. Choose the Activity Recent view and reset the list.

View stream with Cloud CLI

The magento-cloud CLI provides most of the same abilities as the Cloud Console. The activity command can:

  • list the stream of activities for an environment
  • get details about a specific activity
  • display the log for a specific activity
  • cancel an activity

To view the Activity stream with the Cloud CLI:

  1. List the activities for the current environment.

    code language-bash
    magento-cloud activity:list
  2. Each activity has a unique ID. Select an ID from the earlier list and view the details for that activity.

    code language-bash
    magento-cloud activity:get wvl5wm7s5vkhy
  3. View the full log for that activity.

    code language-bash
    magento-cloud activity:log wvl5wm7s5vkhy

    Sample response:

    code language-bash
    Activity ID: wvl5wm7s5vkhy
    Type: environment.backup
    Description: User created a backup of Master
    Created: 2023-09-08T14:03:33+00:00
    State: complete
    Creating backup of master
    Created backup eg5pu63egt2dcojkljalzjdopa