Expected Google ECommerce data

Last update: 2023-08-25
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After your Google ECommerce account is successfully connected to Commerce Intelligence, the system will start importing data into a table titled ecommerce. This table records a data row for each transaction. This includes the following order-level data columns:

Column Name Description
\_id This column is the primary key.
accountId This column contains the account ID associated with your Google Analytics eCommerce account.
profileName This column contains your Google Analytics profile name.
profileId This column contains your Google Analytics profile ID.
socialNetwork This column contains the name of the social network (for example, Facebook, or YouTube)
campaign This column contains the campaign name (for example, utm\_campaign).
medium This column contains the medium name (for example, utm\_medium)
source This column contains the source name. (for example, utm\_source)
keyword This column contains the keyword description (for example, utm\_term)
transactionId This column contains the order ID. This is used to join the referral data back to your orders data.
updated\_at This column contains the last time that the data row was updated.

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