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In the Admin, the Customers grid lists all customers who have registered for an account with your store or were added by the administrator. Use the standard grid controls to filter the list and adjust the column layout. To learn more, see Manage customer accounts.

Customers list

Update customer information

  1. On the Admin sidebar, go to Customers > All Customers.

  2. Find the customer record and click Edit in the Action column.

  3. In the left panel, choose the information you want to edit and make the necessary changes.


    To learn more, see Update customer accounts.

  4. When complete, click Save Customer.

Workspace controls

Control Description
Add New Customer Creates a customer account.
Search Initiates a search for customers based on the current filters.
Filters Defines a set of search parameters used to filter the records that appear in the grid.
Default View Determines the default column layout of the grid.
Columns Determines the selection of columns and their accounts in the grid. The column layout can be changed and saved as a view. By default, only some of the columns are included in the grid.
Export Exports the selected records as a CSV or Excel XML file.


Column Description
Select Manages the checkbox selections for the customer records for applying an action. You can also use the selection control in the column header to select/deselect all.
ID A unique numeric identifier that is assigned when the customer account is created.
Name The first and last name of the customer.
Email The email address of the customer.
Group The customer group to which the customer is assigned.
Phone The phone number of the customer.
ZIP The ZIP or postal code of the customer.
Country The country where the customer is located.
State/Province The state or province where the customer is located.
Customer Since The date and time the customer account was created.
Web Site The web site in the store hierarchy to which the customer account is associated.
Confirmed Email Indicates if a confirmation email is required.
Account Created In Indicates the store view from which the customer account was created.
Date of Birth The date of birth of the customer.

Important: In keeping with current security and privacy best practices, be aware of any potential legal and security risks associated with the storage of customers’ full date of birth (month, day, year) with other personal identifiers. It is recommended that you limit the storage of customers’ full birth dates and suggested that you use customer year of birth as an alternative.
Tax / VAT Number If applicable, the tax number or value-added tax number that is assigned to the customer.

This field is not the same as the VAT Number.
Gender The gender of the customer.
Action Edit - Opens the company account in edit mode.

Additional columns

These columns are available by changing the column layout of the grid.

Column Description
Company The company name of the customer.
Street Address The street address of the customer.
City The city where the customer is located.
Fax The fax number of the customer, if applicable.
Billing Firstname The first name in the billing address of the customer.
Billing Lastname The last name in the billing address of the customer.
Billing Address The address where billing information is to be sent.
Shipping Address The address where orders are to be shipped.
VAT Number The value-added tax number that is associated with the customer address. For digital goods sold in the EU, the VAT is based on the billing address of the customer.

This field is not the same as the Tax/VAT Number.
Account Lock Indicates the status of the account. As a security measure, customer accounts can be locked after too many login attempts. Values: Locked / Unlocked

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