Save an Adobe Stock Image Preview

Last update: 2023-07-11
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An image preview is a watermarked version of an Adobe Stock asset. Image previews are free and are a good way to experiment with different images before you decide to purchase a license for specific images and use them on your production stores.

When you are ready to license an image, the new Media Gallery provides a direct integration with Adobe Stock, making it easy to license the image directly from the gallery page.


This feature requires the Adobe Stock Integration module and configuration.

Save a preview image

  1. Access the Adobe Stock search grid.

  2. To view the image details, click an image in the search grid.

  3. Click Save Preview.

    This action displays a prompt for you to specify a file name that is used to save the image to the media storage. A default file name is provided, but you can customize the name to your preferences.

    Save Adobe Stock preview image
  4. Click Confirm.

    The page redirects to the media storage and your saved preview is displayed.

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