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Last update: 2023-11-29
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To access the store configuration settings, choose Stores > Settings > Configuration from the Admin sidebar.

Email Templates

Email Templates

Field Scope Description
Enabled Store View Activates the process that gives customers the ability to send email to friends about products in your store. Options: Yes / No
Select Email Template Store View Identifies the email template that is used for messages generated by thee Email a Friend function. Default template: Send Product to Friend
Allow for Guests Store View Determines if the sender must be a registered customer to send email about a product to friends. Options: Yes / No
Max Recipients Store View Limits the number of people who can be on the distribution list for a single email.
Max Products Sent in 1 Hour Store View Limits the number of products that can be shared by a single user over a one-hour time period.
Limit Sending By Store View Determines the method used to identify the sender. Options include:
IP Address - (Recommended) Identifies the sender by the IP address of the computer that is used to send the product emails.
Cookie (unsafe) - Identifies the sender by a browser cookie. This method is not secure because the user can delete the cookie to avoid the restriction.

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