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Last update: 2023-11-10
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If quotes are enabled in the Sales features configuration, an authorized buyer from a company can initiate the price negotiation process by requesting a quote from their shopping cart. If a buyer is not ready to submit a quote for negotiation, they can save it as a draft.


A request for a quote cannot include discount codes or gift cards.

Customer quote request experience

  1. The customer logs in to their user account as a buyer with permission to request a quote.

  2. Adds the products that they want to be included in the quote to the shopping cart.

  3. Selects Request a Quote.

    Requesting a quote from the shopping cart
  4. In the Add your comment box, enters a brief note that describes the request.

  5. Enters a Quote Name.

    Entering the quote comments and name
  6. If needed, attaches a supporting document or image to the quote:

    • Selects Attach file.
    • Chooses the file from their system.

    By default, an attached file can be up to 2 MB, in any of the following file formats: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PDF, TXT, JPG or JPEG, PNG.

  7. Creates and processes the quote:

    • Sends the quote to the Seller by selecting Request a Quote.

    • 1.5.0-beta capability Saves the quote as a draft by selecting Save as Draft.

      If the buyer saves the quote as a draft, the quote is available in the My Quotes in Draft state. It is not visible to the Seller until the Buyer opens the draft quote and submits it.

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