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Release 23.1 - 2023 Spring/Summer Release


  • The Push messaging service has been modernized to improve support. (CAMP-47959)
  • The SMS messaging service has been improved to provide a better stability. (CAMP-52217)
  • Adobe has made many accessibility fixes to improve the application’s overall ease of use. Here are a few examples of accessibility improvements:
    • The keyboard accessibility of the interface has been optimized in many screens.
    • The application has been enhanced for touchscreen users.
    • The color of several items across the interface has been changed to improve visibility.

Other changes

  • The out-of-the-box Reporting Enrichment Creation Workflow has been added. After importing a target mapping from one instance to another, simply run the workflow to import the corresponding reporting enrichment entries. (CAMP-52452)

Issues fixed

  • Fixed an issue which could lead to a timeout error when displaying the Hot click report. (CAMP-51582)
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent you from using the integration with the Places service. (CAMP-51923)
  • Fixed an issue which could prevent the workflow scheduler from working correctly. (CAMP-52003)
  • Fixed an issue which prevented the breakdown details from displaying when viewing the PDF version of a custom dynamic report with a large volume of data. (CAMP-52178)
  • Fixed an issue which could display an error when accessing reports. (CAMP-52500)
  • Fixed an issue which wrongly applied the Limit MTA instances for this account SMS connector parameter to all channels instead of applying only to SMS. (CAMP-52640)

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