Subscribing profiles to a specific service after importing a file

Last update: 2021-09-13
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This example illustrates how to import a file containing profiles and subscribe them to an existing service. After importing the file, a reconciliation needs to be carried out so that the data imported can be identified as being profiles. To ensure that the file does not contain any duplicates, a deduplication activity will be executed on the data.

The workflow is presented as follows:

  • A Load file activity loads the profile file and defines the structure of the imported columns.

    For this example, the file loaded is in the .csv format and contains the following data:


  • A Reconciliation activity identifies the data from the file as belonging to the profile dimension of the Adobe Campaign database. Only the Identification tab is configured. It identifies the file data according to the email addresses of the profiles.

  • A Deduplication based on the email field of the temporary resource (resulting from the reconciliation) identifies any duplicates. If the data imported from the file contains any duplicates, the subscription to a service will fail for all data.

  • A Subscription Services activity lets you select the service to which the profiles must be subscribed, the field corresponding to the subscription date, and the origin of the subscription.

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