Reconcile a File audience with the database

Last update: 2021-09-13
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This example shows how to use the Read audience activity to reconcile an audience directly created from a file import.

When performing a file import, you can directly save its content in an audience. This audience is a File audience and its data is not linked to any database resources.

The import workflow is designed as follows:

  • A Load file activity uploads a file containing profiles data that were extracted from an external tool.

    For example:

  • A Save audience activity saves the incoming data as an audience. As the data has not been reconciled yet, the audience is a File audience and its data is not recognized as profile data yet.

The reconciliation workflow is designed as follows:

  • A Read audience activity uploads the File audience created in the import workflow. The audience data is not yet reconciled with the Adobe Campaign database.
  • A Reconciliation activity identifies the incoming data as profiles through its Identification tab. For example by using the email field as reconciliation criteria.
  • An Update data activity inserts and updates the profiles resource of the database with the incoming data. As the data is already identified as profiles, you can select the Directly using the targeting dimension option and select Profiles in the Identification tab of the activity. Then, you simply have to add the list of fields that need to be updated in the according tab.

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