Backing up is essential in order to avoid losing data in the event of a problem (whether physical or system-related) on a machine.

Data is stored in two separate locations:

  • physical files are stored in the Adobe Campaign directories,
  • other data is stored in the database.

Most of the data is in the database. This represents 99% of the information to be backed up.

Physical files

Files are divided into several categories:

  • Configuration files, located in nl6/conf

    These enable you to reconfigure Adobe Campaign very quickly.

  • Redirection files ** nl6/var/<instancename>/redir**

    These are on the tracking (often called ‘frontal’) servers, and include all previous campaign redirections. They are still used by previous campaigns.

  • Log files: nl6/var/<instancename>/log

    These can be used to trace problems.

The directories to be backed up are therefore:

  • nl6/conf

  • nl6/var/<instanceName>/redir (for each instance)

  • nl6/var/<instanceName>/log (optional)

  • nl6/var/<instanceName>/relay (optional)


It is essential to back up the database.


The database contains all of the information displayed in the Adobe Campaign rich client console, as well as all the line-of-business data.

Your hosting company, and their database administrators in particular, are responsible for this operation.

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