Adobe Experience Platform Auditor Overview

Adobe Experience Platform Auditor is a service of the Adobe Experience Platform that was co-developed with ObservePoint, experts in validating digital implementations. This guide contains technical documentation and self-help for Platform Auditor.

With Platform Auditor, Adobe Experience Cloud users receive a report that grades their Adobe Experience Cloud implementation and gives pointers on how to improve it. Platform Auditor helps you get more value from your Adobe products, individually and collectively.

With Platform Auditor, you can:

  • Scan Scan 500 web pages at a time for Adobe technology. Use advanced filters to include or exclude any pages as needed. You may run one audit at a time and an unlimited number of audits.

  • Understand Receive a report that scores your Adobe implementations based on tag presence, configuration, and consistency.

  • Improve Get recommendations on how to upgrade your implementation to align with best practices so you get the full value of your Adobe investment. Platform Auditor goes beyond broad-stroke recommendations and tells you exactly what’s wrong with a specific implementation, the webpage where the issue was found, and then gives guidance on how to fix it.

For your website to effectively drive more business and deliver great experiences, it needs to be implemented properly. If not, the software will either deliver a fraction of its potential value, or nothing at all.

But, maintaining intricate implementations on websites in a constant state of flux is a heavy burden. Platform Auditor transforms this burden into an opportunity that increases the return on your Adobe investment.

By empowering you to troubleshoot and correct your own implementations, Platform Auditor gives you greater control over your implementation tags and, therefore, your data. This reduces the need to contact Customer Care with questions about your implementation tags.

Platform Auditor has been developed as a cooperative effort between Adobe and ObservePoint. Platform Auditor users may use limited ObservePoint functionality for no additional cost. To use Platform Auditor, you must opt-in to communications from ObservePoint.

Platform Auditor Community Forum

If you need help getting started, have questions, or would like to suggest or vote on future enhancements, please visit the Platform Auditor Community Forum to connect with experts and Adobe.

Release information

For information about the most recent release, see Platform Auditor Release Notes.

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