Segment Trend Report

Last update: 2021-04-13

The Segment Trend report returns data on impressions and click-through rates of mapped and unmapped segments over time.

A mapped segment is a segment you create and send to a destination for targeting. An unmapped segment is a segment that you’ve created but have not sent to a destination for targeting.

Compare trends and volume for your selected metrics to get a better picture of how your audiences behave over time.

Use Case

Use the Segment Trend report to validate a segment’s performance over time and to pinpoint trends based on strong performance or scale.

With this report, you can understand which of your web properties show a dip or faulty increase and troubleshoot as necessary. This report is the next step after you identify your audience of interest in the Segment Performance report, to ensure that the strong or poor performance you saw in the Segment Performance tab is consistent over time.

Using the Segment Trend Report

Toggle between Mapped and Unmapped to select segments that are mapped to a destination or not. Select All to include all your segments in the report.

Adjust the look-back window with the Date Through slider.

Click any of the segments under the Date Through slider to bring up the option to keep only that segment in the report or exclude it.

Use the Line Item drop-down box to select the properties in your portfolio for which you want to return information.

In the Segment Data Source drop-down box, select the data sources containing the segments you want to see in the report.

Use the Segment drop-down box to select which segments you want to see in the report.


When enabling Audience Optimization for Publishers, you must include descriptive metadata for Line Item IDs, as described in Step 3 of Import Google Ad Manager (formerly DFP) Data Files Into Audience Manager. By doing this, you assure that the report details the web property as Line Item instead of the Line Item ID.

Interpreting the Results

The Segment Trend report returns data in a line graph for a 14-day interval only. In this example, the report shows impression and click-through trends for a set of mapped and unmapped segments.

Hover over any line to obtain more information about that particular segment trend. See descriptions for the additional information in the table below the sample report.

Item Description


The alphanumerical name that you assigned to this segment.

Segment ID

The unique ID of this segment.

Line item

The web property for which you are seeing this report.


The number of times that members of this trait have clicked on items in your web property.


The number of times that members of this trait have been exposed to your inventory.


Click-through rate. This metric relays the percentage of impressions followed through by clicks. Divide clicks by impressions to obtain this metric.

Segment Uniques

The number of segment members, within the last 30 days.

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