Send Segments to a Google Ads Remarketing List

Last update: 2022-10-05

This procedure requires a Google Ads remarketing list, pixel code, and an Audience Manager URL destination. It is also known as a remarketing list for search ads (RLSA) integration. Applies to paid search only.


Please note that this is not a productized integration of the two systems.

To set up a Google Ads remarketing list as an Audience Manager URL destination:

  1. In your Google Ads account, create a website re-marketing list and write down your conversion ID.

  2. Use the following URL as a template for the Base URL and Secure URL. Replace the xxxxxxxx section with your conversion ID.

  3. In Audience Manager, Create a URL destination or edit an existing destination. Use the following settings when creating the destination:

    • Type: URL
    • Serialize: Enabled
    • Delimiter: Semicolon ( ; )
  4. In the Segment Mappings section of your URL destination, add the code from step 2 to the URL and Secure URL fields. Prefix the code with http: and https: in the URL and Secure URL fields, respectively.


    Replace encoded ampersands & with un-encoded ampersands &

    Unsecure URL code:

    Secure URL code:
  5. Click Save.


    If you’re working with multiple segments, get a new pixel for each segment you want to map to a Google Ads destination. This ensures the data is applied to the appropriate remarketing list.

  6. When mapping a new segment to this destination in Audience Manager, define the mapping as aam=segmentID and replace segmentID with the ID of your segment.

  7. When defining a bucket in Google Ads, create a rule that matches the mapping defined at step 6.

A completed mapping could look similar to this:

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