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Last update: 2023-08-02

Beginning in July 2023, Adobe has discontinued the development of the Data Integration Library (DIL) and the DIL extension.

Existing customers can continue using their DIL implementation. However, Adobe will not be developing DIL beyond this point. Customers are encouraged to evaluate Experience Platform Web SDK for their long term data collection strategy.

Customers looking to implement new data collection integrations after July 2023 should use Experience Platform Web SDK instead.

Describes methods in the DIL.modules namespace. These modules let you programmatically collect data and work with Audience Manager objects.


Works with DIL to send Analytics tag elements (variables, props, eVars, etc.) to Audience Manager. Returns data in a comma separated list. Available in version 2.6.

Function Signature: DIL.modules.siteCatalyst.init(siteCatalystReportingSuite, dilInstance, trackVars, options)


You must place this code on the page before the s.t(); function.


Names Type Description
names String

An array of strings that contains un-enumerated Analytics variables like pageName , channel , campaign , product , etc.

iteratedNames Object

An array of objects that contains enumerated Analytics variables like props and evars (e.g. prop1 , prop2 , evar3 , evar4 ).

maxIndex Integer

Indicates how many iterated names you want to return. For example, to return two props or evars, set maxIndex:2 .

siteCatalystReportingSuite Object

An object that represents the Analytics object.

dilInstance Object

An object that represents DIL .

options Object

Additional options:

  • replaceContextDataPeriodsWith

    If you do not specify something else, periods are replaced with the default underscore ( _ ).

    For example s.contextData = {abc.def = '123'} would result in c_contextData_abc_def=123 in the event call query string.

    This option is available only in DIL version 5.0 or later.

  • filterFromContextVariables

    For example, filterFromContextVariables: ['email', 'zip', 'accountNumber'] would result in the array of strings being filtered from the data collection of context data. This option excludes Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

Data Captured by siteCatalyst.init

This function returns details on the following Analytics properties:

  • pageName
  • channel
  • campaign
  • products
  • events
  • eVar (1 - 250)
  • prop (1 - 75)
  • pe
  • pev1
  • pev2
  • pev3

Sample Code

This code creates a comma separated list of Analytics events (props, eVars, etc.) if values for them exist.

// Get the Site Catalyst object instance:
var s = s_gi(s_account);

// Instantiate DIL code:
var scDil = DIL.create({
        partner: 'adobe',
        containerNSID: 5

// Use the module:
DIL.modules.siteCatalyst.init(s, scDil, {
        //Specify the Site Catalyst variables you want to capture:
        names: ['pageName', 'channel', 'campaign'],
        //Use this to create iterated variable names:
        iteratedNames: [{
               name: 'eVar',
               maxIndex: 75
        }, {
               name: 'prop',
               maxIndex: 75

To track all the monitored Analytics data points without the additional function shown above, invoke siteCatalyst.init by itself like this:

DIL.modules.siteCatalyst.init(s, scDil);


The GA.submitUniversalAnalytics(); function sends data from Google’s Universal Analytics to Audience Manager. This DIL function is designed to work with analytics.js, which is the latest code library for Google Universal Analytics.

  • Audience Manager does not have any insight into or control over the Google analytics.js code library. You should verify that DIL data collection is still working if or when Google releases new versions of analytics.js.

  • You cannot use GA.submitUniversalAnalytics(); if you’re still working with Google’s legacy analytics tracking code (e.g., ga.js or dc.js). See GA.init instead.

Function Signature: DIL.modules.GA.submitUniversalAnalytics(gaObject, dilInstance, internalPropertyName);


The GA.submitUniversalAnalytics(); function accepts the following properties.

Property Description


The global variable for your instance of Google Analytics . This is usually ga by default, unless you've customized your Google Analytics code.


The variable that represents your instance of DIL .


(Optional) In the analytics.js library, the internal property is the minified variable 'b' . This variable holds Google Analytics data.

This property is optional because you don't need to set it unless Google changes the name of their internal variable. For example, if this minified variable changed to 'a' , you would call GA.submitUniversalAnalytics(); like this:

DIL.modules.GAsubmitUniversalAnalytics(ga, DilInstance, 'a');


Remember to define the Google Analytics ga object first, before calling DIL and GA.submitUniversalAnalytics();. Your code could look similar to this:

//Instantiate DIL
var dilInstance = DIL.create({

//Call the DIL Universal Analytics function
DIL.modules.GA.submitUniversalAnalytics(ga, dilInstance);


The GA.init() function sends data from the legacy/deprecated version of Google Analytics to Audience Manager.


GA.init() only works with Google’s legacy analytics tracking code, ga.js or dc.js. You cannot invoke this DIL function if you use analytics.js, which is the latest code library for Google Universal Analytics. Audience Manager customers who use DIL and Universal Analytics should see GA.submitUniversalAnalytics.

Function Signature: DIL.modules.GA.init(_gaq, dilInstance, trackVars);


Name Type Description
_gaq Array An array that contains GA commands.
dilInstance Object An object that contains the DIL instance.
trackVars Object (Optional) An object that consists of the names property. This property is an array of GA command names that you want to track.

Supported GA Function Calls

By default, GA.init captures data from the following functions:

  • _setCustomVar
  • _addItem
  • _addTrans
  • _setAccount
  • _trackSocial

DIL Creates Keys for GA Data

Audience Manager accepts data in the form of key-value pairs while GA works with items in an array. To work with GA data, DIL creates a key-value pair automatically and forms a key like this: c_ <key name>. Also, items in GA arrays appear in a specific order. As a result, you must supply all parameters in that order, even when they contain no data. DIL maps keys for the following GA methods:

// Tracking Social Interactions
    'facebook',                        // c_socialNetwork
    'like',                            // c_socialAction
    'https://www.adobe.com/cool.php',   // c_socialTarget
    '/cool.php'                        // c_socialPagePath

// Tracking a Transaction
   '1234',           // c_transOrderId
   'Womens Apparel', // c_transAfflication
   '28.28',          // c_transTotal
   '1.29',           // c_tranTax
   '15.00',          // c_transShipping
   'San Jose',       // c_transCity
   'California',     // c_transState
   'USA'             // c_transCountry

// Tracking an item
   '1234',           // c_itemOrderId=1234
   'DD44',           // c_itemSku
   'T-Shirt',        // c_itemName
   'Olive Medium',   // c_itemCategory
   '11.99',          // c_itemPrice
   '1'               // c_itenQuantity

Sample Code

// DIL JavaScript library needs to be loaded and executed here
var dilInstance = DIL.create({
    partner : "adobe"

// Assume ga.js has not loaded
var _gaq = _gaq || [];
  ['_setAccount', 'UA-XXXXX-X'],
  ['_setDomainName', 'example.com'],
  ['_setCustomVar', 1, 'Section', 'Life & Style', 3],
  '1234',         // order ID - necessary to associate item with transaction
  'DD44',         // SKU/code - required
  'T-Shirt',      // product name - necessary to associate revenue with product
  'Olive Medium', // category or variation
  '11.99',        // unit price - required
  '1'             // quantity - required

To track all the monitored GA metrics without the additional function shown above, invoke GA.init by itself like this:

DIL.modules.GA.init(_gaq, dilInstance).submit();

Sample Event Call

The URL event call to Audience Manager could look similar to this:

https://adobe.demdex.com/event?...c_accountId=UA-XXXXX-X&c_Section=Life%20%26%20Style &c_itemOrderId=1234&c_itemSku=DD44&c_itemName=T-Shirt&c_itemCategory=Olive%20Medium& c_itemPrice=11.99&c_itemQuantity=1

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