Last update: 2023-08-02

Beginning in July 2023, Adobe has discontinued the development of the Data Integration Library (DIL) and the DIL extension.

Existing customers can continue using their DIL implementation. However, Adobe will not be developing DIL beyond this point. Customers are encouraged to evaluate Experience Platform Web SDK for their long term data collection strategy.

Customers looking to implement new data collection integrations after July 2023 should use Experience Platform Web SDK instead.

Retrieves a partner-specific DIL instance.

Function Signature: getDil: function (partner, containerNSID) {}


Name Type Description
partner String The partner name to search for.
containerNSID Integer Defaults is 0. The NSID of the container you’re searching for. Optional.


A successful partner and container NSID match returns a partner-specific DIL instance. If there is no match, the API returns (does not throw) an error with the message, " The DIL instance with partner <name> and containerNSID <ID> was not found."

Sample Code

DIL.getDil('partner', containerNSID);

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