Create or Edit an HTTP Server

Use the Servers page in the Audience Manager Admin tool to create a new HTTP server or to edit an existing server.


You must have the DEXADMIN role in order to create new servers or edit existing servers.

  1. To create a new server, go to Servers > Create Server. To edit an existing server, click the desired server in the Label column.

  2. Specify the desired label for this server.

  3. From the Protocol drop-down list, select the desired protocol: HTTP.

  4. Fill in the fields:

    • Domain: Specify the desired domain (host) for this server.

    • Port: Specify the desired port for this server. The default port displays for each encryption type. You can change the default port, if necessary

    • Maximum Users Per Request: Specify the maximum number of users per request allowed for this server.

    • URL Prefix: Specify the URL prefix to use for this server.

    • Authentication URL: Specify the Authentication URL for this HTTP server.

    • Authentication: Specify the desired authentication method: None, Username/Password, or SSH Key.

    • HTTP Signature Header: The name of the HTTP header, provided by the customer, that contains the HTTP signature key. The default value is X-Signature, as shown in the example below:

      * Connected to ( port 80 (#0)
      > POST /webpage HTTP/1.1
      > Host:
      > Accept: */*
      > Content-Type: application/json
      > Content-Length: 20
      > X-Signature: wxa2ByMWhhP328EvHQsVlOD5jTc=
      POST message content
    • HTTP Signature Key: The key used to sign the HTTP request, provided by the customer.

    • Show Signature Key: Toggle whether or not to display the signature in the browser.

    • HTTP Signature Encryption Method: Specify the method we use for encrypting the signature. Use SHA1 unless the customer prefers otherwise.


    If you want to enable OAuth 2.0 authentication for real-time data transfers for a partner, fill in the fields as in the table below. The fields in italics need to be filled in exactly as in the table.

    Name Value
    Label Server with OAuth 2.0 enabled
    Protocol HTTP
    Port 443
    Maximum Users per Request 10
    URL Prefix /segments/aam
    Authentication URL
    Authentication Username/Password
    Username Authorization
    Password your_password_here
    HTTP Signature Header Leave this field blank
    HTTP Signature Key Leave this field blank
    HTTP Signature Encryption Method None
  5. Click Create if you are creating a new server, or click Update if you are editing an existing server.

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