Create or Edit an FTP Server

Use the Servers page in the Audience Manager Admin tool to create a new FTP server or to edit an existing server.


You must have the DEXADMIN role in order to create new servers or edit existing servers.

  1. To create a new server, click Servers > Create Server. To edit an existing server, click the desired server in the Label column.

  2. Specify the desired label for this server.

  3. From the Protocol drop-down list, select the desired protocol: FTP.


    As best practice, we recommend using Amazon S3 as a method for getting files from and delivering files to partners. Amazon S3 provides a simple web services interface that can be used to store and retrieve any amount of data, at any time, from anywhere on the web. For more information, see About Amazon S3 in the Audience Manager User Guide.

  4. Fill in the fields:

    • Type: Select the desired encryption type: SFTP or FTPs/TLS.
    • Domain: Specify the desired domain (host) for this server.
    • Port: Specify the desired port for this server. The default port displays for each encryption type. You can change the default port, if necessary.
    • Remote Path: Specify the desired remote path for this server. If you leave this field empty, Audience Manager places the files in the default directory.
    • .tmp File Rename on Completion: Enable this option to rename the .tmp file on completion.
    • Filename Suffix: Specify the text that you want appended to transfer files.
    • Moved to When Finished: Specify the path to the location where you want the transfer file moved on completion.
    • Authentication: Specify the desired server authentication method: Username/Password or SSH Key.

    Remember to add our egress FTP IP to your list of allowed IPs :

  5. For SSH Key authentication:


    When configuring SSH Key authentication, make sure to always generate the public and private keys in OpenSSH format only.

    1. Generate the public / private key pair from any Linux or Mac machine. 1. Give the **public key** to the client to update on their SFTP server. They must include all the text from the public key on their server, including `-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY-----` and `-----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----` . In exchange, they must provide the username under which they are installing the key. 1. Update the username field with the one provided by the client and the key field with the **private key**.
  6. Click Create if you are creating a new server, or click Update if you are editing an existing server.

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