How To Authorize Cross-Account Amazon S3 Bucket Access for Batch Destinations

Some customers may not want to provide their Amazon S3 access or secret keys to Adobe to authorize destination data upload to their buckets.

An alternative that we can offer our customers is Cross-Account Bucket Permissions in Amazon S3. This process is described in the AWS documentation. To enable this alternative in Audience Manager, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Servers and select Create Server.
  2. Select S3 in the Protocol/Credentials drop-down mask.
  3. Check the Use Internal Adobe Key option.
  4. Use your customer’s account and bucket name in Amazon S3.
  5. Make sure that your customer white lists the Amazon S3 account 975822914085 on their S3 bucket.

Our Outbound publisher ensures that the permission level bucket-owner-full-control is set on uploaded data, so that your customer can own that data.

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