Data Sources overview

Adobe Analytics data sources lets you manually import additional online or offline data for reporting.

By integrating offline data, you can leverage data sources to integrate:

  • Product Cost
  • Call Center Information
  • Product Returns
  • Leads
  • Web Logs

Data integration helps you understand transactions as a whole. Think of how your customers interact with your site.

  1. They first search or get referred from another domain
  2. They arrive on your site, browse, and then purchase
  3. Some visitors might return the product via phone or in-store

Both the pre-click data (searches prior to last one that drove to your site, impressions, cost, etc) and “after-the-sale” information (returns, call center data) can be integrated.

You can use Data Sources to help understand the pre-click data by importing the data via the search engine or ad network. This will make it possible to calculate ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) by bringing in the cost data and dividing the revenue by the cost (Revenue/Cost). You can also use it to help understand the “after-the-sale” data to get a more accurate ROAS picture by bringing information such as Return Revenue or Return Units.


For transaction ID data sources to tie offline data to online events, Transaction ID Recording must be enabled by Customer Care. See Transaction ID Recording for more information.

After import, most Data Sources data is available throughout the Adobe Experience Cloud.

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